Tips For Caring For Your Paintings Or Scupltures


When it comes to decorating your home or office, an investment in artwork can be an excellent way of providing character and charm to your home while still maintaining a level of sophistication. Unfortunately, if you fail to adequately care for your artwork, you can find that it suffers damage that may drastically alter or completely ruin the appearance of the piece of art. In order to spare your art collection from this fate, you should understand the basics of caring for the more common forms of artwork that people buy.


Paintings can be among the most common forms of artwork. In addition to providing a wide range of aesthetic looks, paintings require minimal space as they can be hung on the walls. However, these pieces of art will still require some care to keep them in good condition. More precisely, you should regularly dust the paintings to remove dust and dirt from them. Also, you will want to store the painting in an area that is away from intense sunlight and drastic humidity swings. This is important because both of these issues can seriously degrade the pigments in the paint.


Sculptures are common features for outside the home, but they can also be commonly found inside homes and businesses. Individuals will often make the critical mistake of assuming that their sculptures will not require maintenance due to being made of stone and metal. When your sculptures are outside, proper maintenance is essential for avoiding the most intense wear and tear from being exposed to the elements.

Regular washing is one of the most important maintenance tasks that you can do. When you wash your sculptures, you will remove algae and mosses that may have started growing on them. If you do not remove these growths, they can crack the stone or corrode the metal with their waste byproducts and by trapping moisture against the sculpture. Depending on the color of your stone or metal, the sun can also cause a bleaching effect that can drastically change the appearance of your art. A coating that reflects the sun's ultraviolet light can help to minimize this type of damage from occurring. However, you should thoroughly research sealants to ensure that you choose one that is compatible with the particular stone or metal that was used to create your sculpture. As an additional safety precaution, you should spot test these sealants before applying them to the entire sculpture so that you minimize the risk of these substances interacting and discoloring the sculpture.

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25 July 2017

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